Residential Rate Information

East Valley Water District Monthly Water Rates

The District has adopted water budget-based rates to incentivize conservation, and supply affordable water to each customer for efficient indoor and outdoor use. Water budgets are designed to provide water for these uses, based on the household and property characteristics of each customer, at different pricing levels.

  • Tier 1, your Indoor Use budget, is charged at the lowest rate and is based on the estimated number of occupants.
  • Tier 2, your Efficient Outdoor budget, is charged at a slightly higher rate. This tier budget changes with the weather by increasing during warmer months and decreasing with cooler months.
  •  Tier 3 is water used above your monthly budget from Tiers 1 and 2 and is considered inefficient water use. This tier is charged at the highest rate. Revenue from this tier is used to fund conservation programs to assist customers to reduce inefficient use.

As a government agency, East Valley Water District is required by law to only charge its customers the costs associated with providing water services. The District’s budget-based rate structure consists of 3 price levels, or tiers. 

Miscellaneous Water Service Fees

  • Initiation of Service Charge: $35 / Service Address
  • Final Disconnect Notice Charge (when disconnect notice is generated):
    • $30 (effective June 1, 2021)
  • For a complete list of miscellaneous fees CLICK HERE
  • Temporary Service Charge (Fire Hydrant Meter): $2,700 deposit + monthly meter fee + $4.05 per hundred cubic feet of metered water

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Residential Water Rates

Commodity rates cover cost that vary based upon the amount of water delivered. These rates apply to residential customers and reflect a 3 tiered rate structure based on monthly usage per 1 hundred cubic feet (HCF).

TiersJanuary 1, 2022January 1, 2023January 1, 2024
Tier 1$ 1.98 / HCF$ 2.04 / HCF$ 2.11 / HCF
Tier 2$ 2.54 / HCF$ 2.62 / HCF$ 2.70 / HCF
Tier 3$ 3.93 / HCF$ 4.05 / HCF$ 4.18 / HCF

HCF: hundred cubic feet