The Facility

The Sterling Natural Resource Center would enhance water supply reliability in the region, enable greater community control over water resources, and provide opportunities for stewardship of the local natural environment.

San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District (Valley District) is constructing the Sterling Natural Resource Center (SNRC) in the City of Highland to treat wastewater generated in the East Valley Water District service area. The tertiary treated water would be discharged to City Creek, East Twin Creek Spreading Grounds, the Redlands Basins, or other potential recharge basins.

The project presents an opportunity to produce a new supply of recycled water for multiple beneficial reuses within the Santa Ana River watershed to meet existing and future water demands. The project would also provide an administration center that benefits the community in a manner compatible with neighboring uses.

Regional Collaboration

Valley District seeks to enable collaboration between water agencies within the San Bernardino Valley region to advance shared regional water replenishment objectives. Valley District contemplates a broad regional plan in partnership with East Valley Water District and additional water agencies to increase the use of recycled water to solve regional water supply challenges.