Natural Resource

Recycled water is used throughout the country to safely recharge groundwater basins.

The Sterling Natural Resource Center will use advanced technology, such as Membrane BioReactors and UV Disinfection, to produce disinfected, recycled water. This process would allow San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District to:
  • Replenish up to 10 million gallons per day of drought-proof water for the benefit of the Bunker Hill Groundwater Basin
  • Offset the need for increased amounts of expensive imported water
  • Contribute to the statewide goal of creating more than one million acre-feet of recycled water use by 2020

Groundwater Recharge

In nature, groundwater is replenished by surface water, such as rain and snowmelt. To assist the natural cycle, public utilities can capture and treat wastewater to recharge depleted groundwater basins.