The Sterling Natural Resource Center has the potential to provide a number of benefits beyond wastewater treatment including, drought protection, environmental benefits, economic stimulus, and preservation of important groundwater supplies.
  1. Advanced Technology

    Advanced Technology

    Valley District and EVWD are committed to providing an essential service while utilizing proven treatment technologies and modern design standards to ensure the facility is both an asset and enhancement to the community.

  2. Community Resources

    Community Resources

    Construction of the facility could provide an educational opportunity to community members and local students as it relates to water recycling, groundwater recharge, technical jobs and modern treatment processes.

  3. Local Needs Met

    Local Needs Met

    The Sterling Natural Resource Center will treat up to 10 million gallons of wastewater per day and generate 11,200 acre-feet of reclaimed water each year – enough to supply water to approximately 25,000 local families.

  4. Reduced Sewer System Costs

    Reduced Sewer System Costs

    The sophisticated design and smart placement of the Sterling Natural Resource Center will reduce the need for expensive expansion and replacement projects in EVWD’s sewer system.

  5. New Local Jobs

    New Local Jobs

    The local economy could be favorably impacted by 800 temporary constructions jobs created and 1,400 new, permanent regional jobs.

  6. Responds to Statewide Effort

    Responds to Statewide Effort

    Valley District and EVWD are cooperating with the State of California’s call for creating new water supplies and establishing responsible groundwater management.

  7. Water Supply

    Water Supply