Water Supply

Reliable Long-term Water Supply

Within Valley District’s service area, more than 600,000 people depend on a combination of local groundwater supply and imported water. The SNRC development efforts by Valley District and EVWD would provide an additional water supply.

By replenishing the Bunker Hill Basin with recycled water, the region will be able to store hundreds of millions of gallons of water for dry years.

Drought-Proof Water Supply

The construction of this facility would improve water supply reliability and provide a drought buffer in the event of a lengthy drought.

The recycled water would help offset the need for increased amounts of expensive imported water, and maintain a consistent supply of water during times that imported water is not available.

The Sterling Natural Resource Center will produce up to 10 million gallons per day of recycled water to replenish the local groundwater basin. Over 600,000 people in 120 square miles depend on this source of water.

A Sustainable Local Water Source

Replenishing groundwater levels with recycled water will help offset the need for expensive and at-times unreliable imported water.