Customized Water Budget

Expanding Your Water Budget During COVID-19

The health and safety of our community is our top priority. We realize that during this time, we all are spending more time at home and our needs for water usage now include increased hand washing and cleaning. During the March 25 Board Meeting, the Governing Board approved to temporary assist customers by expanding every household’s Tier 1 (indoor) budget by 25%.  

What Does this Mean?
Beginning April 1 through June 30, 2020, customers’ water budget will increase from 60 gallons per person, per day to 75 gallons. While 60 gallons is reasonable under normal circumstances, the Stay-At-Home order issued by California’s Governor response to the Corona virus pandemic has changed how people use water for health reasons. 

Why is this Beneficial?
The 25% expansion of your water budget will provide you with more water within your allocation at the lowest rate.

What the Temporary Increase Will Do:
It will provide each person with 15 additional gallons of water per day for essential use. (based on a household of 4 occupants) at the District’s lowest per unit cost of $1.83 for every hundred cubic foot, or 748 gallons, of water used.  

What the Temporary Increase Doesn’t Do:
This is not an increase to water rates or the unit cost of water. Rates that were in effect as of December 2019 will remain in place. Please note, the District had a Rate Hearing scheduled for April 8, but due to the coronavirus pandemic have cancelled that Public Hearing until further notice.

Tier 1 Expansion from 60 gallons to 75 gallons
  1. What's In My Water Budget
  2. Tier 1 Calculation
  3. Tier 2 Calculation

Customized Water Budget

In order to calculate your water budget, EVWD takes several things into account, including property size, landscape area, number of residents, weather and more. This information helps the District accurately determine each customer’s unique water needs. Customers with special circumstances, like medical conditions, will be able to apply to the District for a variance for a larger budget.

• Tier 1, your Indoor Use budget, is charged at the lowest rate and is based on the estimated number of occupants. 

• Tier 2, your Efficient Outdoor budget, is charged at a slightly higher rate. This tier budget changes with the weather, increasing during warmer months and decreasing with cooler months.

 • Tier 3 is water used above your monthly budget from Tiers 1 and 2 and is considered inefficient water use. This tier is charged at the highest rate. 

EVWD is a not-for-profit public agency and is required by law to only charge its customers the costs associated with providing services. This rate structure has been designed so that the District is not dependent on Tier 3 revenue for operational stability. Beyond the actual cost of delivering Tier 3 water, revenue from this tier is used to expand water conservation programs and improve system efficiencies so that we may continue to deliver reliable services.

Water Tiers Graphic